Il Pigio

From October 4th to 6th, 2013 - Events, Poggibonsi

An event organized by the Neighborhoods Association. Begun in 2004, it was originally held in Poggibonsi the first Sunday in October and is a semi-historical re-enactment of how grapes were once pressed in the Chianti hill zones.

It’s a competition between the seven districts of Poggibonsi: Borgaccio, Cimamori, Centro, Falco, Girata de’ Preti, Orti and Romituzzo vie for the “Boccione”, a demijohn decorated by a local artist which goes to the neighborhood that produces the most must, and for the “Zipolo”, the cork of the demijohn awarded to the neighborhood that, according to the judges, organizes the best parade through the old part of town.